Dutch government authorities work hard to keep the country mobile. Offering reliable travel information is becoming increasingly important. LTC LIVE can help: with a single click, LTC R&E shares all the information entered with all road users. Real-time. And clearly, via your own website.


LTC LIVE consists of a large, easy-to-understand map, a clear activity list and additional options such as a multimodal route planner (which takes into account the roadworks entered into LTC R&E), social media-functionality, Google Street View and an option to add attachments to the activities entered.

The main advantages of LTC LIVE:

  • ​Overview on a large, easy-to-understand map and via Google Street View
  • Integrated, multimodal route planner for the quickest route
  • Alternative route advice during roadworks
  • A unique social media-link per activity entered
  • Adding attachments for public use (such as letters to residents)
  • Additional information, including parking possibilities and public transport options